You Need A New Diet!

Not one person was made exactly the same as the someone else anywhere in this world! So, why should every diet be the same? What works for one person might not work at all for the next. Everyone is different, unique, and beautiful in their own way and that is the way your diet should... Continue Reading →

5 Day Detox | Day 2

It's crazy, I know! To say that you lost 4 pounds in one day is amazing! When you hear that someone is loosing weight what is the first thing that you think of? Oh, that person isn't eating. How did I do it? Actually, it's the complete opposite. I ate cookies, pancakes, wraps, and I... Continue Reading →

5 Day Detox

Today I started my 5 day detox. My goal is to be a better me and that all starts with what I put into my body. My days of waking up tired and feeling like a stuffed loaf of bread are over. My inspiration for this life changing choice is the Tone It Up team.... Continue Reading →

Before The Engagement

I find that when it comes to men, they don't think before they act. While women over think everything, or at least I do. I constantly think about every possible thing that could go wrong, and what I can do to prevent that from happening. When all you men actually put that brain of yours... Continue Reading →

Positivity Is The Key

Just finished up my test that I mentioned in my last post. Well, good news. I didn't completely bomb it, only partially.  Sometimes I feel that it does not matter how much time and effort you put into something; if it does not work out in your favor then it is just not meant to... Continue Reading →

Flowers Are Good Luck!

I just glanced over at my flowers that I was surprised with on Valentines Day (You can find the Valentines Day vlog at the very end of this page!) and they are dying! Yes, I'm well aware that flowers eventually die. As I was looking at my shriveled up flowers a thought popped up in... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle Smonday

Yes, you read correctly I did say smonday. You are probably asking, "What is smonday?" Well, smonday is the moment when Sunday stops feeling like Sunday and Monday kicks in. We all know too well how much that feeling just straight up sucks. This is the time of day where I sit and mentally prepare... Continue Reading →

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